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Richard FurnessArley Moss Supplies are an online feed merchant, based in mid Cheshire, at the home of Arley Moss Equestrian, one of the largest equestrian facilities in the North West.

Our aim is to offer customers an extensive range of quality horse feed, horse feed supplements and bedding direct to your yard, promptly, efficiently and at competitive prices. We also sell dog food and cat food.

Select from our increasing product range and if you cant find what your looking for please don't hesitate to contact us, we are always happy to help.

Our goal is to take the hassle out of sourcing and buying your supplies whilst taking pride in delivering a convenient, reliable and efficient service.

Richard Furness

Winter and Mud Fever 

In the coming months Mud Fever will be one of the main problems which the horse owner will have to battle. Whether you are looking to prevent or treat we have options to suit every need; from turnout and mud fever boots, barrier creams, sprays, powders and lotions you can keep your horse protected and stop the problem from taking hold. Nutritional supplements are also available especially designed for winter skin conditions so that you can support your horse from inside and out.

We also offer an wide range of Winter stable and turnout rugs for when the temperatures begin to drop. Keep your horse warm and snug in style with quality brands at great prices. With our extensive range of products we can help you and your horse through the Winter months.





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